Preventive Dentistry

“Prevention is better than cure.” Regular checkups allow us to identify any dental health issues before they become a problem. Our checkup exams include:

Dental Fillings

Fillings restore and repair decayed and/or fractured teeth, ensuring the safe amalgam removal of metal fillings as well as the replacement of previous existing restorations.

Dental Crowns

Crowns restore and strengthen compromised/ fractured teeth and teeth with large dental fillings, giving you full cosmetic coverage with porcelain and ceramic crowns is an option for severely broken/ fractured teeth.

Gum Disease

The root cause of gum disease is inflammation from bad bacteria. Gum therapy removes the sources of bad bacteria and aids the entire body in ridding itself of inflammation associated with diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Diode laser therapy for gum treatment is painless and aids in removal of bad bacteria.

Tooth Extraction

Removal of unhealthy teeth that may be causing gum disease, bone infection, bad breath/ taste.

Root Canal

Preservation of the natural tooth is extremely valuable. When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected with bacteria, it must be removed in order to keep the tooth in place.


We’re able to transform your smile in shape and color with a minimally invasive method of bonded ceramics to the front of your teeth.


The replacement of single or multiple missing teeth.
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Pediatric Dentistry

We can identify patterns that may lead to early childhood decay, airway issues, misalignment of teeth, and through appliance (retainers, “flippers”) therapy can help to keep your child from needing traditional braces.
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Braces & Orthodontics

Reveal clear aligners can address most cases of misalignment and crowding.

Dental Implants

We have references to highly qualified doctors and surgeons who can plan and place your implant and our team will restore the crown.

Teeth Whitening

The best results are from our in office whitening session and/ or custom made bleaching trays with a take home gel, which you can refill when needed.

Removable partial and full prosthetics (dentures)

This is an efficient way to replace multiple teeth or all dentition and restore your mouth to proper form and function.

Digital Dentistry

Better comfort with our enhanced technology! We use digital x-rays, panoramic radiography, intraoral cameras and digital scanning to diagnose and treat your teeth. Our goal is to make your experience as smooth as possible.